So what happens after I accept my offer?

Who should I contact if I have questions before arriving at one of the DynCorp International Deployment Centers (DIDC)?

Prior to your departure for the DIDC, you should remain in contact with your recruiter. Once you have reached the DIDC, you will stay in contact with management there.

Will I receive a formal offer letter?

You will receive an offer letter from your recruiter. The offer letter will include position, employee status, compensation and location of responsibility. Once an individual has completed DIDC processing they will be provided a Foreign Service Agreement (FSA), if applicable. Individuals will retain a copy and the original will be returned to HR.

What is an EA?

An EA is an Employment Agreement that defines the terms of your employment.  Normally, an EA is for a period of one year.  At the end of the EA, employees can request to renew for an additional year.

Travel / Deployment

What are the responsibilities of the DIDC?

The DIDC issues DI identification cards and dog tags, provides program briefings, teaches first aid, conducts roll calls and musters, monitors the computer lab and is available for questions during online training.

How long will my processing take at the DIDC?

Your processing is based on a 5-day cycle. Delays in your departure can occur if additional medical tests or corrections to paperwork are required. Every effort is made to complete your processing in the shortest amount of time possible and get you on your way to your work location.

Who makes the travel arrangements?

The DIDC-Logistics staff makes all arrangements for DI, DIFZ and subcontractors. Once the candidate has been cleared to deploy, they will out-process at the next muster and be provided their itinerary.

How are visas handled?

If visas are required for your specific employment location, LOGCAP Human Resources will initiate the process.

May I leave and travel home if I know I will be at the DIDC for an extended period of time?

All departures home from the deployment center must be approved by your program/project management and is based upon your status in the training and deployment process

What is a Letter of Authorization (LOA)?

A document issued to all contractors prior to deployment that allows the individual to travel with government authorization to specific locations and the use of specific authorized government services.

What is the baggage allowance for traveling overseas?

Most airlines permit two 50 lb. bags and one carry-on bag. Restrictions and cost vary between airlines. Call the specific airline for restrictions / cost. For LOGCAP and LOGCAP subcontractor employees only; keep your receipts, you will be reimbursed once an itemized receipt is provided. Overweight luggage fees are not reimbursable. An HR representative at your destination will assist you in submitting your expense report.


What are the living quarters like?

Living quarters vary from large open bay areas, divided tents, or a shared or single living container.

How will I get around in Afghanistan?

If you travel to other sites/locations, you may be transferred with company provided air transportation. If it is just within your worksite, walking is the typical means of transportation.

Where do I eat in Afghanistan?

DynCorp International operates the dining facilities at all sites and has regular hours for each meal time.

How long is the contract?

Each employee will sign an Employment Agreement (EA) for one year or the length of the contract, whichever is shorter.

How can I communicate with my family and friends back home?

The Morale, Welfare and Recreation facilities provide access to computer and phones, personal cellphones, or VOIP phones.

What is a typical work week in Afghanistan?

The typical work week in Afghanistan is 12 hours a day 7 days a week


What is the dress code in Marshall Islands?

Slacks or 5.11’s and polos (or collared shirts) are acceptable business attire. Additionally, females are allowed to wear dresses or skirts or capri style pants with a collared shirt, blouse or polo shirt. Your work assignment may allow for additional clothing choices.

Is there shopping on the island?

There is a small AAFES PX and shoppette, a small grocery store, a dive shop, bike shop, and a few souvenir and gift stores that sell jewelry, clothing items and home goods.

Where do employees eat on the island?

If you are classified as unaccompanied personnel you have several choices. The cafeteria is open during mealtime hours. – The food court is also available and contains a Subway, Burger King, Anthony’s Pizza and a shaved ice vendor. There is also a coffee shop that sells specialty coffees, pizza and baked goods. If you are classified as accompanied personnel you will have a kitchen in your quarters and a Surfway is available for purchasing food to prepare.

How will I get around? What is the means of transportation?

Most everyone gets around by bicycle, and one can be rented for a minimal fee when you arrive. There is shuttle bus service around the base that runs specific hours and includes the airport.

What are the living conditions?

Personnel with approved dependents (depending on position and availability) will be authorized family housing. Unaccompanied personnel will be provided a Bachelors Quarters (BQ) room. The BQ room generally has a sleeping/living area, personal bathroom with a shower, and a small kitchenette area with compact refrigerator. Microwave ovens can be purchased at the AAFES. Housing and utilities are U.S. Government (USG) provided.

Additional information is available at: https://www.army.mil/kwajalein#org-about

What is the work week in the Marshall Islands?

The workweek schedule is Tuesday through Saturday.